Achilles repair – The boot is off!

Had my last appointment with the consultant this afternoon.  All looked well and he was happy with the scar and the movement in my ankle and the amount of pressure I could put through the ball of my foot.

So that’s it from him!  The tendon is nicely fixed and now I just need to make sure I don’t snap it again (10% chance of a previously ruptured Achilles going again) and regaining the strength I’ve lost over the last (nearly) 3 months.

I have my next physio appointment on Monday, so will check with them on what my next steps should be, but I am now going to be walking around everywhere without my boot!  I think for the next couple of weeks I will still wear it for some of my training sessions (the ones where I may get over excited and try and take part in).  And over the weekend I will try out my car and see how it feels pushing the clutch.  But, fingers crossed I should be mobile again some point next week!

So I will email my clients and give them a full update on how things look and fingers crossed, I think I may be able to get out to people again!