The boot comes off, and I didn’t expect this!

So I had my first full day without the boot on yesterday and did some good walking too and from the gym.  I was concentrating on walking as properly as possible (rolling through my foot and not hobbling with a super stiff ankle).  And it all worked well!  I was so happy with how it went!  I could feel both my achilles and calf working nicely!

But the thing that super surprised me was how much my foot had to work and how much it ached all yesterday evening!  Waking up this morning and I bloody know it worked like a bastard yesterday!  With hindsight, I can see why, but this took me by surprise.  I was expecting to feel my ankle or calf today, but they are both fine.

Just goes to show, theory is all well and good, but real life is the ultimate judge 🙂