Achilles repair – Day 17

Back in the hospital to check how everything has gone.  17 days after the injury and 10 days after surgery.

My first adventure through town in the rain and then on the bus and all was good.  The consultant had a very quick look at how things were and tried to bend my ankle a bit.  It was having none of it!  I’m not sure if it was because the foot has been kept totally immobile all this time, or because of the stitches or because it was still really bloody swollen, but it didn’t want to move!

But all is fine.  The wound from surgery healing very nicely and most of the disolving stitches had already disolved.  So I’m back in a new plaster, but with a slightly less pointed foot.  In 2 weeks time I’m back again where they are going to bend my ankle a bit more.  Seems I am going to be a total unipod until the ankle is back at 90 degree bend…so yeah, looking at a good 6 more weeks or so.

Anyway, they gave me a choice of what colour plaster I could have, so I went for bright orange with glitter!  It’s looking dam good! 🙂

Hello leg!  I've not seen you for a while! Healing site of surgery Probably the most disco pot ever :)