Cerin Rees

I have a natural love of being active and “playing” at life.  I like helping others find this love too.  Especially when I see the spark in their eyes when they realise “wow, I can do this!” As an independent Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, I work with individuals and groups of all abilities and … Read more Cerin Rees

Personal Training

What is personal, or one to one training? This is where I help you exercise and train.  I will help you: Plan and structure your training. Be motivated before, during and after your training. Get the most out of the training sessions you do, so you don’t end up simply spinning your wheels and being … Read more Personal Training


You can keep in touch in several ways… Social Media Facebook – Click here. Twitter – Click here. Instagram – Click here. Newsletter Sign up for the newsletter by clicking here. Frequently Asked Questions Answers to the more common questions I get asked (eg – prices, availability, where/when/what/why/who etc) can be found on this page here. Testimonials … Read more Contact

Frequently asked questions

Who/What is Rees Fitness? My name is Cerin Rees and I’m a qualified level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor. I have experience in coaching people of all ages (from 5 years old to those in their 70’s), all abilities and various medical conditions.  I also have it on good authority that I am “not a psycho”. … Read more Frequently asked questions

Make a booking

How to make a booking. How to book Rees Fitness for training… Use the calendar below to see when I am available to be booked for coaching or consultation.  Use the arrows at the top left of the calendar to scroll weeks forwards or backwards.  Find a date/time that is good for both of us. … Read more Make a booking

Services Available

One-to-one Fitness Coaching This is the important bit of improving your health and fitness…actually physically doing stuff! We go through a full training session from warm up to cool down via working like a demon! You will also get motivation, education and yes, even homework from me!  This will make you stronger and fitter. If … Read more Services Available