COPD and exercise

I was honoured to talk to the local COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) group today. It was to talk about the advantages of exercise to people who have great trouble in breathing, and I was all ready to explain to them how getting out of breath is actually really god for them! As it turned … Read more

“Should you be doing that…?”

“Should you be doing that?” I’ve heard that question asked a lot.  It used to piss me off a lot.  Someone close to me was involved in a car crash.  And while she was recovering and regaining her health in the gym, she was constantly told to not do anything, to lay down and don’t … Read more

Personal Training

Face to face or virtual personal training – 1 hour per session. Full training session tailored to you, from warm up to cool down. Programmed around your needs, goals and limitations. Available for all levels of ability, including Get Moving clients. Full training notes recorded and emailed for your records. What is personal training? I help you: … Read more

The best exercises to strengthen your joints

A common question I am asked is: “What are the best exercises to strengthen my knee/hips/shoulders/elbows/back?” In other words, what exercises are there to strengthen my joints?? So first things first, the usual disclaimers:  I’m not a physio or anything, I’m no expert, and this is not advice in any way at all.  It’s just … Read more