Why EVERYONE should train for performance, rather than their waist line.

Take a look at this news report here:


It backs up why I keep banging on about why people should be more concerned with their ability to perform physical tasks, and less so with just how they look.

The report tells of how they tested a bunch of 10 year old kids with a simple fitness test in 1998, and another bunch of 10 year olds now.  While the obesity levels of the 2 groups of kids had not really changed, their fitness levels dropped.

According to the weighing scales they were fine…but they were not as fit/healthy/strong as their counterparts 10 years ago!

The moral of this story is:

Train to improve your physical abilities, not just to look like the latest fashion aesthetic.

Change your mindset from:

“I want to fit into these clothes”


“I want to be able to do a greater amount of work”

I promise you will look and feel better for it!

By the way.  The way they tested the kids in the report was by putting them through the 20 metre shuttle run (bleep) test.

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