Snow, practical training and simple head doctoring.

It’s snowing and another example of how practical training involving movement & variety is so good for us.

If you spend you’re spare time practicing how to work hard, run, jump, land, twist your body this way and that, climb over/under things and generally move your body in a variety of ways…clearing snow from your driveway will be a piece of cake!

If you spend your time doing tricep kickbacks with “ladies weights” (I’ll rant about this another time!) you will struggle.

It was just a bit embarrassing seeing how many people were struggling to clear a couple of inches of soft snow from a couple of feet of pavement.

New year is just round the corner.  Make a resolution and change your mindset from:

“I’ll take the easiest option every time”


“I’ll avoid the easy option every time”.

Make this one small change in your head and you’ll be amazed at how far it can take you!

Examples of taking the easy option:

  • Taking the lift/escelators
  • Getting a takeaway instead of preparing your own meal
  • Sitting down on a bench to do shoulder press or bicep curl!

Examples of avoiding the easy options:

  • Taking the stairs whenever possible
  • Being a gentleman and carrying more than your fair share of christmas shopping round hundreds of shoe shops!  (Just how many pairs of shoes does a girl need?!)
  • Peeling an orange and risking acid in the eye instead of unwrapping another chocolate.

PS  And one last thing…with the cold weather, when you are training, make sure you do a good warm up first or you run the risk of breaking yourself!

Merry Christmas!