Latest quote to live by…

Keep an open mind and learn something from everything.  I heard this quote from a most unlikely source the other day…

“In the pursuit of the impossible, we may find something eminently do-able”

The infinite monkey cage – BBC Radio 4

Basically this means set yourself an impossible target and go for it.  It doesn’t matter if you reach your target or not (hey, it’s impossible, after all!), but the things you gain on this journey to the impossible will be amazing, very useful and you never know how they may come in handy.

Perfect example of this is sending a man to the moon.  A (virtually) impossible goal, in the pursuit of which spawned a million random, varied and very practical benefits.

My “impossible” goal is currently to do a clapping handstand press up.  But in my pursuit of this impossibility, my body composition has improved, as has my balance/agility, upper body strength and core strength.

Keep an open mind and learn to think…

“I’ll give it a try”

instead of…

“I can’t do that!”

You never know what you may find on the journey!

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