Why we do practical, functional training

My sister took me to the Lake District on Saturday.  It was a fantastic day and we climbed up Helm Crag in Grasmere.  It was a lovely walk, with a fair bit of climbing up steep boulders and rocks.

And it reminded me a bit of what we have been doing in circuit classes over the past few weeks.  We have been using the 24 inch stage for box jumps:

Box Jumps

and high step ups:

Step Ups

Almost everyone gawps when i tell them what we are doing and tries to get out of it…but this practical, functional training is perfect preperation for the finer things in life.  If you can do jumps and steps like this in training, you are able to get out into the wide world and appreciate the beauty there, and not spend your time complaining about your aching legs 🙂