September 2009 Gym Challenge

We are holding a “Gym Challenge” in work at the moment.  It is dead simple, virtually everyone can do it and its an amazing fat burning, fitness workout in itself.  It goes like this:

  • Travel the furthest you possibly can in 10 minutes on the treadmill.
  • Travel the furthest you possibly can in 10 minutes on the cross trainer.
  • Travel the furthest you possibly can in 10 minutes on the bike.

The total distance you covered is your score.

Here are the rules:

  • You must do all three machines one after the other with no more than a couple of minutes breather between.
  • They can be done in any order you like.
  • They can be done at any resistance/incline level you like.

Like i said…dead simple!


But when i tell people about it, I seem to get the same excuses (note that i didn’t write “reasons”) why they can’t do it.  Here are some of the usual ones:

  • I don’t have time
    • What do you mean you don’t have time!  It only takes 30 minutes and you have been sitting on that bike watching tv for the last hour!
  • I’m no good on the treadmill/cross trainer/bike.
    • Everyone is a bit rubbish on one of these, so that makes it fair.  And besides, how do you think you will get any better if you never try it?
  • I won’t win.
    • Who cares?  I’m guessing your coming to the gym to try to improve your weight/fitness/strength.  Well guess what, taking part in this challenge will help you achieve your goals.  And if achieving your goals is not why your here….why are you here?
  • I’ve got an injury.
    • This one actually isn’t and excuse, but a valid reason.  There are people who have injuries that prevent them from doing things like this.  I know, because GPs refer these people to me each week.  But ask yourself…do really have an injury, or is it just that you can’t be arsed?  Because in my exerience, people with a real injury seem to jump at the chance to do an adapted version.

Anyway, I like this challenge because it is simple and it’s obvious when and how much your improving.  Also, because you can do it in any order and at any level, chances are you won’t get the best setup first time.  So that encourages you to go again in order to beat your previous score!


Why don’t you give it a go?

What do you have to lose??