How to get fitter…

How to get fitter

Most of us over complicate things.  That is understandable when we are so often told totally contradictory bollocks by glossy magazines etc.  So every week I find myself helping guide people through the fog.  A way that seems to work well is to give people a simple beacon to steer towards.

They can get buffeted by the waves of bullshit from all sides, but as long as they keep their eyes on that beacon and steer a true course towards it, they will find their home port safe and sound (can you tell I’m feeling all nautical today??)

So, how do you get fitter?

  1. Get out of breath.
  2. Stay out of breath.
  3. Repeat.

I’m really not that fussed about how you get out of breath.  Don’t worry about if you are doing the “best” way…just get the hell out of breath.  And then do it again tomorrow…and again the day after…etc

So if you find yourself getting confused or frustrated about if you should be doing this, that or the other in your quest to get fit…keep it simple and follow the above rules and you will do just fine, I promise.

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