Exercise bargin of the year!

Barbell Rollout from the knees

Barbell Rollout from the knees

In our circuit sessions, we have been doing barbell rollouts on our knees for a few months now (this is a fantastic way to strengthen your stomach/core).  First time, they were hideously hard!  I felt it for a week!  But now…well, they are a bit run-of-the-mill to be honest.

So the next step up is to do them from your feet, instead of from your knees.  But this is going to take a lot more practice on my part, so I decided to go to Argos and buy myself an Ab Wheel to practice in my tiny, tiny bedroom.  (The reason I am practicing this move, is that it is a perfect example of a Keystone Ability). But on the way to Argos, I wander into TKMaxx and find an Ab Wheel there! But best of all, TKMaxx are only charging…


Yes, only £1 for probably the best tool to strengthen your stomach/core!  Bargin! So if I were you, I’d head over to the wonderful TKMaxx and see if they have any left. And just so you can see how the ab wheel rollout from the feet is done properly, watch the start of the video below…