Get Moving

Get Moving - Health, Mobility, Confidence

A place for people with disabilities and ongoing, chronic conditions such as stroke survivors, Parkinson’s and MS to get fitter, stronger, move better and do things they thought they would never do again.

Online Sessions

We run Live Online Sessions online each weekday at 11am. These are suitable for people in or out of a wheelchair (we have stroke survivors, people with Parkinson’s, MS and amputees joining us). They are ideal for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Giving new people a taster of what we do in our face to face classes.
  • Giving regular, sustainable exercises to people who have difficulty getting out and about.
  • Building the habit of regular exercise.
  • Promoting a good community spirit.
  • Encouraging people to celebrate success in others.
  • Promoting independence, self reliance and the attitude of “I can do this”.

One to one Coaching

I am available for one to one coaching. If you think that this kind of training with me can benefit you, then contact me for an informal chat.

I work with people in and around the Skipton/Ilkley area and usually come to their homes to coach them on their specific requirements. Depending on circumstances, I can sometimes coach people virtually via internet video.

Get Moving Exercises

There is nothing magic about the classes we run and you can do many of the class exercises yourself. We have made sure that the vast majority of the exercises can be done with minimal to no equipment and can be done at home. Find below the exercise cards I use in the class.

Why not have a go at them today?

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