Your Personal Challenge

“At some point in our lives, we all either choose to face a challenge or have one thrust upon us.”

How Rees Fitness will help you in your Challenge

“Tailored for people committed to seeing it through and being the best version of themselves.”

A true challenge takes planning, determination and focus. Over 12 weeks, the Personal Challenge package from Rees Fitness will give you:


  • Start as you mean to go on and work smarter, not just harder.
  • Personalised training plans.
  • Prioritisation, so you don’t waste your effort.
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  • Face to face or virtual training sessions to learn and improve.
  • Home workouts to keep you progressing.
  • Problem solving expertise.
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  • Weekly and monthly check-ins to keep you on track.
  • Firm but fair reviews.
  • Self reflection so you remember what you are doing and why.
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Your Challenge Workflow

What Personal Challenge could you achieve with this level of support?

What is Your Personal Challenge?

Your Personal Challenge is unique, special to you and something you’ve set your heart on achieving. Rees Fitness will help you see it through.

Previous Personal Challenges people have worked towards, include:

  • Getting in shape for a special occasion, such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary.
  • Challenging events, such as a charity sporting event or adventure holiday.
  • Health reasons to improve strength and fitness, such as illness or an upcoming surgery.

Whatever your challenge, it is special to you and Rees Fitness will help you rise to it.

Your Personal Challenge

What Personal Challenge have you set your heart on?

What is stopping you from taking the plunge?
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Sign up to Your Personal Challenge

  1. Check my online calendar for my available times. Make a note of which ones you will want to book.
  1. Make your payment below.

  1. Receive an email with a link detailing how to complete the detailed health questionnaire and assessments. If you have not received this email within 10 minutes, contact me here and I’ll chase it up.

What you get…

“Take the guesswork out of it. You deserve the best coaching support, so you can meet Your Personal Challenge head on”.


Planning, coaching and accountability

The first, most important and overlooked part of any Challenge is the planning.  I will guide you through this stage, setting you up for success and helping you avoid pitfalls along the way. 

You will receive:

  • Detailed questionnaire – I find out about your health, background, injury and exercise history.  I make sure we both know exactly what you are aiming to achieve, so I can figure out your best way of achieving it.
  • Initial virtual consultation – We spend up to an hour discussing the details of Your Personal Challenge, filling in any gaps, asking each other any questions and making sure we both understand what is needed from each other.
  • 12 week training plan – Over the next few days, I will draw up the training plan for Your Personal Challenge.  Using my knowledge and experience, your training plan will build you up safely, effectively and progressively from your current ability level, so you are ready to complete Your Personal Challenge.
  • Adaptations – As with any major undertaking over a long period of time, there will be hiccups along the way.  I will make changes and adaptations to your plan, depending on how things actually develop.  This makes sure you are always progressing as you should.


Planning, coaching and accountability

Once I have drawn up your plan, I will coach you through each section of it.  You will receive:

  • Personal training sessions – Depending on circumstances and logistics, these will either be face to face or online.  I will be able to accurately assess your current ability levels, coach you through the most appropriate exercises, check and correct form/technique and make sure you are training at the correct levels.  You will get x1 personal training session per week, but you can purchase more as an “add-on” if you like.
  • Home workouts – These are workout sessions you will complete in your own time during the week.  Depending on what Your Personal Challenge is and the facilities you have access to, these could be at your home, outdoors or at a gym.  You will get a new Home Workout each week, building on what you have already done and working around your personal circumstances.


Planning, coaching and accountability

One of the most important aspects of Your Personal Challenge, I help keep you on track for 12 weeks.  When people try to take on big projects on their own, a major stumbling block is not physical, but mental.  They can talk themselves out of it and when it becomes difficult, ignore it!  I will keep you accountable with:

  • Weekly virtual reviews – Each week, we will spend up to 30 minutes going over what you did in the previous week.  Looking at your highs, lows, ways to overcome any obstacles in your path and just making sure you are focused and prioritising the task at hand.
  • Monthly virtual reviews – Every 4 weeks, we will take a good look at your previous month.  The same idea as the weekly review, but taking a higher level, “big picture” view of Your Personal Challenge progress.
  • Training logs – I will keep a track of your training progress after each of your personal training sessions, but you will need to keep track of your home workouts.  I will ask you to talk me through your training logs, what you did and how it went.

The small print

  • All planning, coaching and accountability sessions are to be booked in advance.
  • At least 24 hours notice needed to change any bookings. I will accommodate changes wherever I can, but it will be at my discretion.