Get Moving

What is Get Moving?

A chance for people with ongoing, chronic conditions, to get fitter, stronger, move better and do things they thought they would never do again. The goal of Get Moving is to help people in the long term to:

  • Get moving.
  • Keep moving.
  • Improve fitness, strength, balance, coordination.
  • Improve confidence and independence.
  • Help people do things they didn’t think they would do again.
  • Reduce the usual health problems we all face from not being active enough.

Normally we run classes through the week at Ilkley, Steeton, Keighley and Skipton. But things are obviously in flux at the moment, so we will be back as soon as this virus has gone! In the meantime, join our Facebook group.

Get Moving Live!

Get Moving Live

While we are on lockdown, we will be doing mini workouts and teaching exercises via our Facebook group. You are more than welcome to join us live, or see the recorded videos in the archive below.

Get Moving Exercises

And after you have done the warm up, don’t forget you can still do many of the exercises we normally do in the class, while at home! There is nothing magic about the classes we run. We have made sure that the vast majority of the exercises can be done with minimal to no equipment and can be done at home. So, find below the exercise cards I use in the class and why not have a go at them today?

As always, if you do give them a try, make sure you let us know how you get on. It is lovely to hear how people do 🙂


Carers guide to Get Moving

If you are a carer, find out above how Get Moving can help both you and your client/loved one.

Get Moving, Keep Moving

Guide to the elderly and vulnerable populations on how to keep strong and active at home.

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Thank you very much indeed.