Fitter, Stronger, Better Programmes

“When you don’t know what to do,

but you know you need to do it”

Ready made training programmes for you to download and complete in your own time. Everything you need to improve.

  1. Choose the programme for you.
  2. Download the programme for you.
  3. Complete the programme for you.


  • Everything you need to complete the training programme.
  • Detailed warm up, training and cool down phases.
  • Full instructions complete with all repetitions, sets and timings needed.
  • No guesswork on your part.
  • Video demos of all exercises and moves you will be doing.


  • The programme builds as your body improves.
  • Logical stepping stones week by week.
  • Learn moves, improve technique and do them effectively.
  • Different focus on different training sessions.

Special Extras

  • More than just doing the moves.
  • Complete training logs and debriefs.
  • Learn what you are doing, why and how you can improve.
  • Learn how to exercise in a self sufficient way.
  • Optional virtual debriefs for accountability and personal development.

Choose your programme

I am adding to the FSB library of downloadable programmes over time. But take a look below at what I have available at the moment.

Fit for Freedom

Get Fit for Freedom
  • Get yourself fit after the lockdown! After months of self isolation, build your fitness back up again.
  • Intermediate level – suitable for people who have exercised before and want to get back up to speed again.
  • Frequency – training plans for x3 sessions a week.
  • Duration – 4 weeks
  • Equipment needed – No major equipment. The programme is made up of body weight exercises.
  • Includes full glossary, exercise video library, training log, debrief and guide to help you start and maintain your new exercise habit.
  • Only £10. That’s £2.50 per week!

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