Eat, Move, Be Happy – Online Wellbeing Solutions

Eat, Move, Be Happy is our online wellbeing solution for businesses and individuals. Helping the people be:

  • Healthier
  • Stronger
  • Fitter
  • More motivated
  • Resilient and robust
  • Productive
  • Happy!

It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

We know that if people are fitter and healthier, they take greater pride in themselves and their jobs/careers. We aim to empower people to make better, healthier and more active life choices.

Helping people help themselves

Helping people recognise and change their habits and behaviours for the better, we offer our range of online wellbeing services…

Eat Better

  • Understand your relationship with food with our online healthy eating course
  • Podcasts to coach you through each stage
  • Identify what stops you controlling your weight and change your habits to overcome these barriers

Move Better

  • Build your own workout from our Workout With Us online video library
  • Hassle free training with our written Weekly Workout Plan
  • Develop your knowledge and technique with our exercise demos and tutorials
  • Stay motivated with our monthly challenges

Learn and Explore

  • Broaden knowledge and deepen understanding of how and why health, strength and fitness will improve your whole wellbeing
  • Articles on all aspects of exercise, healthy eating and being better
  • Presentations to go on a deeper dive into subjects
  • Exclusive podcasts where we chat, discuss and explain all we know on the subject of living well… and sometimes a little bit more!

Mental Health

  • Understand what mental health means to you and how this links to your overall health and wellbeing
  • Practical ways to look after your mental health you can use every day
  • Exclusive podcasts to develop confidence in using these tools and techniques

Peer Support

  • Join the Eat, Move, Be Happy Facebook group and meet new people
  • Ask questions, answer questions and learn from like-minded people – and have some fun along the way

So if you think you or your work colleagues can benefit from any of the above, click on the link below and take a closer look…

Eat, Move, Be Happy