Consultation and Custom Programmes

Exercise programme

“I will solve your exercise problems and plan your path to your success.”

Cerin Rees

If you have the drive to work and train hard, but need the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you in the right direction, my Consultation and Custom Programme service is for you.

Initial Consultation – up to 60 minutes

We go over your Health Screening Questionnaire and I will find out everything I need to know about you, your goals and circumstances. Including:

  • Injuries/medical history
  • Training background/history
  • Equipment and resources available to you
  • Training goals and timelines

From here, I can answer your exercise problems. Take advantage of my years of experience and education to:

  • Create a custom, progressive training programme for you to follow
  • Make better exercise selections for you
  • Improve your exercise technique
  • Answer questions to shift you and your training to the next level

Ongoing Consultations – 15 minutes

These shorter Consultations and catch ups will:

  • Answer your questions
  • Make adjustments to training programmes
  • Check exercise technique/form