Health & Weight Management – Gather and talk to your support crew

The Problem

You find it difficult to make good choices when your friends/family/work colleagues say or do things that tempt you to the dark side! They say things like:

  • “Go on, just one won’t hurt you!”
  • “You will never succeed, you have always failed before”
  • “You don’t need to lose weight!  You look lovely”
  • “You have had a hard day today, let’s chill out with a takeaway and drink?”
  • “I just read this thing on the internet about how chocolate/wine is healthy for you!”
  • “You’re the one trying to lose weight, not me.  Why should I change what I do around you?”
  • “But tonight has always been curry night!  Why change?”

This can make you feel alone, helpless and unable to make healthy choices.

The Solution

Make sure the important, influential people in your life are supporting you and helping you make the right choices. Ensure that when the going gets tough, they are helping you and not adding to the problem.

Most important of all, remember:

“They are not a mind reader.
They only know what you explain to them!”


Your Action Plan

  1. Complete this questionnaire to work out who is helping you, who isn’t helping you and how.
  2. Look at this poster and learn the 4 steps you need to take to get someone helping you.
  3. Have the conversation with the important people in your life, using the 4 steps you learned above, and build your support crew.