Health & Weight Management – Eat x3 balanced meals per day

The Problem

  • Eating meals at irregular times.
  • Skipping meals, leaving you hungry with low willpower later on.
  • Snacking between meals on processed foods high in salt and sugar.
  • Eating poor quality meals, high in calories and low in nutrients.

The Solution

Improving the regularity and quality of meals will mean the majority of your food is lower in calories, higher in nutrients and filling. So the solution is to:

  • Follow a routine/structure for meals each day.
  • Eat 3 meals, spread throughout the day.
  • Balance each meal by following the Healthy Eating Plate guidelines.
  • Minimise the number of processed, salty snacks eaten between meals.
  • Prioritise full meals over simple snacks/foods.
Healthy Eating Plate

A good, balanced meal should fulfil these jobs:

  • Give you all the healthy nutrients you need to grow and thrive.
  • Fill you up until your next meal.
  • Taste really nice.

Your Action Plan

  1. Plan between 3 and 5 balanced, quality breakfast meals, midday meals and evening meals for the week in advance.
  2. Base them around whole foods as shown in the Healthy Eating Plate.
  3. Eat x3 filling, healthy, balanced meals each day (usually breakfast, midday and evening meals).
  4. Minimise factory made, sugary, fatty, salty snacks.

“Big, balanced meals are better than small, junk snacks.”