Health & Weight Management – Add more fruit and veg to each meal

The Problem

You don’t enough fruit and veg and you don’t eat enough variety of fruit and veg.

Instead of these high fibre, high nutrient, low calorie foods, people eat too much processed convenience foods low in nutrients and high in calories. Or have far too few veg, but pile the plate high with simple carbs or fatty foods.

The Solution

Add more fruit and veg to each meal. Aim for at least half the plate to be fruit or veg in each meal. Adding as many different colours will ensure you get a wide mix of nutrients, textures and flavours.

Healthy Eating Plate

Your Action Plan

  1. Make a shopping list of the fresh or frozen fruit/veg you like (click for a big list of fruit and veg and when they are in season).
  2. Fresh or frozen fruit and veg are equally good.
  3. Load your plate with the fruit/veg first. Make sure at least half the plate is piled up with them.
  4. Include as many different colours as possible (click for BBC article on variety of veg).
  5. If you are feeling hungry, add more fruit/veg.
  6. Regardless of how good/bad you are with your veggies, each meal ask yourself this simple question:

“How can I add more fruit and veg to this meal?”