Your Fresh Start – Review

Every experience we have (good or bad) is a possible learning experience. Don’t let that chance to improve slip you by. After you plan and do something (it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small thing over a short or long time period), make sure you review and learn from it too.

If it was a good experience, you can learn how to repeat it. If it was a bad experience, you can learn from your mistakes. Either way, we can choose to come out the other end of it a little bit better than we went into it.

This is how we review things during Your Fresh Start…

These questions will help you:

  • Assess how good/ bad an experience it was.
  • Identify your strengths you can lean into.
  • Identify your weaknesses you can improve or work around.
  • Be prepared for the next time you encounter a similar experience.

As always, once you have completed the questions, you can request an official consultation with me, where we can go over the answers and options for your next step.