Your Fresh Start – Planning ahead

Planning ahead infographic

One major way people sabotage their goals, is by failing to make proper (or any) plans. A good plan is like a road map, guiding you all the way from the start to the end, helping you navigate potential hazards and pitfalls. Without a plan, you are just hoping for the best and crossing your fingers.

You can use these questions to plan short term (1 week or 1 month) or long term (3 months or 1 year) actions.

These questions will help you nail down important points such as:

  • What
  • When
  • How
  • Who
  • Barriers and how to work around them

As always, once you have completed the questions, you can request an official consultation with me, where we can go over the answers and options for your next step.


And download the planner/log to record what how you actually get on, below…