Your Fresh Start – Healthy Behaviour Coaching

“Making a healthy lifestyle, second nature.”

Your Fresh Start Healthy Behaviour Coaching improves the habits and behaviours that impact our health, fitness and weight. Make a healthy lifestyle second nature.

Do you want to:

  • Take control of your diet and food cravings?
  • Discover how to be more active and exercise without being forced into it?
  • Learn how to take the first step to a healthier lifestyle?
  • Know exactly what to do in case you relapse and fall back into old habits?

Your Fresh Start lets you take a critical look at your life, habits and assumptions about your diet, exercise and lifestyle. When you have a clear, honest picture of yourself, you can see your own strengths, weaknesses and way forward to a better, healthier and happier life.

You can do it yourself for free, or you can benefit from Healthy Behaviour Coaching from me. I guide you through the process, help you see things in a clearer way and point you in the right direction.

How Your Fresh Start works

  1. Complete the initial questionnaire. It usually takes about 15 minutes and gets you to take an honest, critical look at:
    • Your current health, body image and goals.
    • Your good and bad eating and exercise patterns.
    • What (if anything) you have tried already.
    • How you manage your stress levels.
    • Your social circle and how they help or hinder you.
  2. Use the questions to discover how you can improve your lifestyle yourself…
  3. Or book a consultation with me to:
    • Talk through your answers.
    • Identify and assess your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Plan the steps you need to improve.
    • Review your progress.
    • Hold you accountable.
    • Make a healthier lifestyle second nature.


  • Initial questionnaire to identify the highs and lows of your current lifestyle – Totally Free. Just click here to complete it now.
  • Healthy Behaviour Coaching Consultation to go over your answers and develop your personal plan – £30 per hour.

Your Fresh Start can help you if…

“I don’t know where to start…”

The first step is always the hardest to take. For many people, a helping hand past this first point is all they need. The Initial Questionnaire will be your guide…

“I keep getting derailed…”

There many ways we can get derailed from a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Behaviour Coaching can help you identify these and show you ways to stay on track…

“I struggle to stick to it…”

Having the right reasons and incentives are key here. Healthy Behaviour Coaching can help you identify and remind you of these as you keep changing for the better…

“I always let myself down…”

I have 3 words for you… Accountability, accountability, accountability!

Your Fresh Start can help you identify and improve your social and support group. Letting others down is harder than letting yourself down…