Where do I coach?

I am based in Skipton, North Yorkshire.  The Gateway to the Dales!  Click here for a google map.

I do most of my coaching from my little garage in Skipton.  It’s a lovely little space that I have kitted out with some wonderful strength and fitness toys!  May favourite aspect of training there is that it shows you do not need acres of space and thousands of pounds worth of equipment to get strong, fit and healthy.

But sometimes, I can also coach people….


Outdoors GymI love training outdoors, making as much use of the North Yorkshire environment as I can.

We use the environment (fields, hills, steams, woods etc) and some basic, old school tools (tyres, sandbags, skipping ropes, balls, medicine balls, punch bags etc) to make getting fit and healthy that little bit more interesting than just sitting in a gym for an hour.

But because I love variety, there are also loads of other places I train people, such as:

  • Bolton Abbey
  • Embsay
  • Grassington
  • Cowling
  • Illkley
  • Anywhere that is gorgeous.

Commercial gym training

Craven GymBut if you like a bit more luxury, I also train people at Craven Fitness Centre.  This has a full range of top quality fitness and strength equipment.  Click here for a map.

Training at your home

I also train people at their own homes, if this is practical (we got to have enough room to move around, so training in a bedsit might not be be practical!). But if you have the room, I can train you there.  This training will obviously be subject to many variables, but I pride myself on being adaptable.

One final thing…if you live more than 10 miles from Skipton, then I will have to charge a small fee for my travel expenses.