Consultation and Custom Programmes

“I will solve your exercise problems and plan your path to success.”

If you need the expertise, knowledge and experience to lift you to the next level, my consultations and custom workout plans can help.

  • 30/60 minute online consultations.
  • Guidance and advice on many aspects of exercise and healthy living, such as:
    • Exercise technique, modifications and progressions.
    • Planning and troubleshooting your training and lifestyle barriers.
  • Custom made training programme for you and your needs.
  • Full instructions on all aspects of the sessions.
  • Video clips for exercises.
  • Ongoing online consultations and debriefs to keep you on track.

60 minute consultations

Usually used for initial consultations, to go over your detailed Health Screening Questionnaire, your goals and circumstances. Including:

  • Injuries/medical history
  • Training background/history
  • Equipment and resources available to you
  • Training goals and timelines

Answers to your exercise problems, taking advantage of my years of experience to:

  • Create a custom training programme for you to follow
  • Make better exercise selections for you
  • Improve your exercise technique
  • Answer questions to shift you and your training to the next level

30 minute consultations

Usually used for catch ups, debriefs or reviews to:

  • Answer your ongoing questions
  • Make adjustments to training/lifestyle programmes
  • Check exercise technique/form
  • Troubleshoot any issues arising
  • Etc


60 min Consultation = £30
30 min Consultation = £20
60 min Consultation and 6 week training programme = Contact me for a quote