Your Fresh Start – Planning ahead

One major way people sabotage their goals, is by failing to make proper (or any) plans. A good plan is like a road map, guiding you all the way from the start to the end, helping you navigate potential hazards and pitfalls. Without a plan, you are just hoping for the best and crossing your fingers. … Read more

Your Fresh Start – Social support

Humans are social animals. And it is a fact that we can achieve bigger, better, harder things when we work together with the right people. With support from the right people we can do anything. But the wrong people can hold us back and stop us achieving our dreams. These questions will help you: Identify … Read more

Your Fresh Start – All or nothing

Many people think in binary, black or white terms. So they are either “useless” or “perfect” with nothing in between. As a result, people often think that if they can’t eat/ drink/ exercise perfectly, then they may as well give up and not bother. This type of thinking is not helpful. These questions will help … Read more

Your Fresh Start – Barriers

We all know what we should do, but usually struggle to actually do it. The things that stop us completing our goals, or even starting them, are known as barriers. These barriers can be small and logistical ones, big and emotional ones or anything in between. These questions will help you: Identify your personal barriers. Think about which … Read more

Your Fresh Start – Are you ready?

This is a question people rarely ask themselves. We decide we need to do something, but are we actually ready to do it? Do we actually know what the advantages and disadvantages of this decision are? Are we doing it for the right reasons? These questions will help you: Pin down what you actually want … Read more

Your Fresh Start – Initial Questionnaire

Your Fresh Start begins here… These questions take a background look at you, your eating and exercise history, how you currently do things and how you feel about it.  These questions are the just the starting point, while the answers guide your next step. Depending on how serious you are about improving your lifestyle, these … Read more

Your Fresh Start – Healthy Behaviour Coaching

Your Fresh Start

“Taking back control of your eating, exercising and lifestyle” When people try to lose weight or get fitter, there are a number of common mistakes they make. Just some of these include: Trying to change everything all at once Trying to get it “perfect” first time Making things too complicated Not learning from past experiences … Read more

Food diary – What, why and how?

What is a food diary? Easy things first.  A food diary is simply a log of what we eat and drink throughout the day.  If we eat or drink it, we make a note of it for future reference. Why do a food diary? There are many reasons why you may want to keep a … Read more