Your Fresh Start – Sleep

The quality and quantity of our sleep can have a big effect on many aspects of our lives, such as: Weight Mood Physical / exercise performance Concentration / willpower Food choices Immune system But it doesn’t need to be that way. If we can assess our current sleep patterns, we can work on ways to … Read more

Include lean protein every meal

Include lean protein every meal

What is protein? Proteins are the bricks and mortar of our body. They make up our muscles, bones, skin, hair, blood and internal organs.  They are all made up from about 20 different amino acids linked together in different combinations.  We can create from scratch all but 8 of these amino acids. We must get … Read more

Add more fruit and veg to every meal

Include lean protein every meal

“No one got fat from eating too much fruit and veg” Why add more fruit and veg? There are many benefits to eating a wide range of fruit and veg. Here are just a few: Low calories High fibre levels to make you feel fuller for longer Range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Range of … Read more

Choose quality fats

Include lean protein every meal

What do fats do? We need fat in our body for a number of reasons, including: Fuel store – If we eat too much, we store this excess fuel as fat. Used in the wall of every cell in our body. Physical protection – it can cushion the body from impacts. Temperature protection – it … Read more

Choose quality carbs

Include lean protein every meal

Carbs don’t make us fat…Too many low quality carbs make us fat. What are carbs? Carbs are one of the 3 main food groups (carbs, proteins and fats) and we get them from eating plant based foods. Carbs are our main fuel source, so we need them for activity and exercise. There are 3 main … Read more

Portion control

Include lean protein every meal

“Eat the right things…Eat the right amount of those things” Many of us have forgotten how much food is “enough” because of the sheer abundance of food today. Just some of the reasons for this include: We should “clear the plate” Portion sizes in shops/restaurants have increased over time We hardly ever eat because of … Read more

The less processed the food, the better

Include lean protein every meal

“You can get unprocessed foods directly from the farm, field, forest or sea.You get processed foods from a factory.” We process foods when we “do” things to them. Some processing is simple/ancient (eg – baking a potato), others are more complex/industrial (eg – making a Mars bar). Below are some simple examples of foods that … Read more

Eat 2-3 balanced meals each day

Include lean protein every meal

Eat 2-3 balanced meals each day. The idea behind this is to get into a structured routine for your eating. Avoid randomly grabbing snacks here and there. Instead, let your body get into a rhythm of 2-3 set meals, staggered throughout the day (eg – breakfast, midday and evening meals). If we spend some time … Read more

Your Fresh Start – Relapse

It doesn’t matter who you are or how “good” you are. After we have changed our behaviour, each of us will relapse at some point. Eventually we will all fall off the wagon and forget about our healthy diets and exercise and revert to our old selves. This is not the end of the world! … Read more

Your Fresh Start – Review

Every experience we have (good or bad) is a possible learning experience. Don’t let that chance to improve slip you by. After you plan and do something (it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small thing over a short or long time period), make sure you review and learn from it too. If it … Read more