Healthy eating rules – Include lots of different coloured fruit and veg with every meal

I like to teach people the 10 Rules To Healthy Eating. The second rule to healthy eating is “Include lots of different coloured fruit and veg with every meal”. Hopefully you already know we should all be eating more fruit and veg.  But just in case you don’t…eat more fruit and veg!  And don’t tell … Read more

Weight loss, gain and maintainance diets.

I’ve noticed that when I talk to people about diets, we often end up talking at cross purposes, and they don’t always understand what I’m on about. To your average person, a “diet” means one thing…a short term, drastic change in their eating/drinking habits which they “go on”, in order to lose some weight. When I think about diets, I prefer to use the following definition:

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Recommended reading: The Minnesota Starvation Study

“During World War II, 36 conscientious objectors participated in a study of human starvation conducted by Ancel Keys and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota. The Minnesota Starvation Experiment, as it was later known, was a grueling study meant to gain insight into the physical and psychologic effects of semistarvation and the problem of refeeding civilians who had been starved during the war. During the experiment, the participants were subjected to semistarvation in which most lost <25% of their weight, and many experienced anemia, fatigue, apathy, extreme weakness, irritability, neurological deficits, and lower extremity edema.”

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Priorities of losing fat

With 2 thirds of the UK population classed as overweight, there are plenty of people out there who want to lose some bodyfat.  There are hundreds of diets to choose from, and thousands of “fat loss tips” to take in.  And this can make things a little confusing for people.  Which ones should you try?  Which ones will work better?  Which things are more important?

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Why some people who “go to the gym” fail to lose weight

With nearly two thirds of the UK population classed as overweight or worse, a very common goal in the gym is to “lose weight”.  It is February, and the New Year influx has mostly died away now, but loads of people who joined to “lose weight” have unfortunately failed to do so. They are coming to the gym 3 times a week, their diet is “pretty healthy“…so what is going wrong? Here is one common reason…

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Introduction to How to Lose Weight

1. Losing weight, or losing fat?

First of all, you need to decide if you want to lose weight, or if you want to lose bodyfat. Losing weight is simple.  Just stop drinking any fluids (water etc) for a few days, or simply chop off a leg or two.  I guarantee the scales will show you losing weight, but it is far from a healthy option! Losing bodyfat is equally simple and MUCH healthier!  So I will go into a bit more detail about this. UPDATE:  If you want to know more about the ways to measure your body weight or body fat levels, take a look at my 2 part article telling you all you need to know (Body Composition part 1 – Body Weight)

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