Pressups – Why I expect chest to the floor and why I don’t like box (ladies) pressups.

I’ve described how I coach pressups before (click here).  But every so often, I get asked why do I expect it done that way?  Why chest to the floor?  Why can’t they start off with easier versions like the box (ladies) pressup?  Basically, why am I being such a knob about things.  So here goes… … Read more

The difference between a sweat session and a “clinic”.

Some people have been surprised when watching me coach clients.  They have expected a hard, rip-roaring sweat session…pushing people to the max like some drill sergeant. And to be honest, sometime that is my job.  Sometimes I do need to push people out of their comfort zone in order to get them to their goals. But the main part of my job is not simply getting people to do more (a sweat session). It is getting people to do better (a technical session).

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