Now taking bookings for my first Exercise Workshop.

Don’t forget, Sunday, July 4th from 10am – 12pm.  My first exercise workshop covering safe, efficient and effective resistance training techniques. Click here to book your place on line, or you can come see me in the gym at Craven Fitness Centre.  Bare in mind, I’ll only be there in the mornings these next couple … Read more Now taking bookings for my first Exercise Workshop.

Coming soon…Exercise Workshop in Skipton

After weeks of fighting to get it arranged, I’m finally in a position to announce my first Exercise Workshop here in Skipton, North Yorshire! It will be an indepth tutorial on how to do some of the main, fundamental resistance exercises and how they cross-over to virtually every other exercise you do. It will cover … Read more Coming soon…Exercise Workshop in Skipton

Core Strength and Stability

Core stability and strength has been growing in fashion for a few years now, and most people have their own different idea of what it means, ranging from “the cure for all things” to “totally pointless and only for girls”. The truth is, people who say either of these don’t know what they are talking about.  Here are my thoughts…

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Movement and Variety: Why bigger is better!

First of all, I have to admit I have no direct scientific evidence of this…so I can’t prove a word of what I’m saying…but I know it’s true…its common sense.  So with that disclaimer out of the way, here is why my motto is:

“Movement & Variety”

…and why bigger is better!

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