Fitter, Stronger, Better Programmes

“When you don’t know what to do, but you know you need to do it” Ready made training programmes for you to download and complete in your own time. Everything you need to improve. Choose the programme for you. Download the programme for you. Complete the programme for you. Comprehensive Everything you need to complete … Read more Fitter, Stronger, Better Programmes

Eat Better – My new website!

Announcing my new website! Eat Better! Go take a look at it at: I’ve been coaching people in exercise for many years now. But along with the exercise, there is obviously the nutrition side too. And for too long I have found myself saying the same thing over and over again to clients… So … Read more Eat Better – My new website!

Healthy Eating guide

I’ve been looking for ways to help the people I train with their eating for a long time. I’ve been trying to find a way to help them change their behaviours and habits for the better. To help them improve their health, their weight and most importantly, their self esteem. But changing our habits and … Read more Healthy Eating guide

Online virtual training classroom

What is the virtual classroom? The virtual classroom is something Google developed to help school teachers teach their classes.  It is a way for a “teacher” (or coach) to educate, encourage, set homework and interact with “pupils” (or clients) online.  I’m obviously more than happy to steal anyones good idea, so I’m using their classroom … Read more Online virtual training classroom