This one is for the office workers out there!

This one is for all you office workers out there.  If you find yourself sitting in front of your PC for 8 hours a day, you are probably storing up a load of problems for your body.

Not only the obvious ones like getting fat and unfit, but soon your joints are going to start giving you problems, your mobility will reduce and risks of repetitive strain injury (RSI) will increase.

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Taking regular breaks from desk ‘good for the heart’

Taking lots of breaks from sitting at a desk is good for the waistline and heart health, research suggests.  Click here to read the news story in full. Research showing that if you sit around all day, you will get unhealthy.  But if you regularly get up on your feet (even for a minute or so) you can improve your health. Click here to download the actual study paper. Some practical tips from the story:

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