Fixing the right problems and doing your back in

Don't do this you muppet...I was chatting to someone about their strained back the other day.

***Disclaimer!  I’m not any kind of physiotherapist, so I am not any kind of expert in this.***

She had pulled her back picking up a bag from the floor, so she was asking me for some things to strengthen her back so it won’t happen again. But because I have way too much free time on my hands and am a bit of a nerd, I tried to investigate and understand the problem and come up with a good solution.  So I started off with a very important lesson I have learned…

Often, a pulled muscle is not due to a weakness in that particular muscle, but because of a weakness in a totally different muscle.


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What makes a fit and capable body?

We should all strive to have a fit and capable body.  I don’t care if you are:

  • A young, up and coming athlete eager to perform at you maximum.
  • An average Joe office worker wanting to get a bit fitter and lose some weight.
  • Retired and wanting to maintain the quality of your life while you draw you pension.
Fit and capable body trapped inside.

Fit and capable body trapped inside.

A fit and capable body is hidden away inside all of us, and for health, performance and quality of life reasons, we all should try to help it get out. There are different components of a fit and capable body.  Here are my favorite ones:

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