Half of medical reporting ‘is subject to spin’

Spin Spin


As a follow on from my previous post about misleading food labels, this is also from the excellent NHS Behind the Headlines webpage.  The bottom line is

“Don’t believe everything you read in the papers.”

My favourite example of where newspaper headlines can be misleading is the ongoing attempt by the Daily Mail to classify everything on the planet as either a cause or cure for cancer (take a look here).

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Many low-fat foods ‘stuffed full of calories’

Low Fat Less fat, same crap.


Many people talk to me about their attempts to control their weight.  So I ask them what are they doing to change their diets.  A very common reply is:

“I’ve switched to the low fat version of (insert name of food here)”.

Unfortunately, this is usually a pretty rubbish way to change our diets.  A few years ago I had a revelation!  It was this:

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