Rees Fitness

Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, I am a Personal Trainer and fitness coach.  Regardless of who you are and what you think you can or cannot do, if your goal is to get stronger, fitter and lead a healthier life, I can help you. Specialising in solving people’s exercise problems, I have a range of solutions. Which … Read more Rees Fitness

Get Moving on Friday March 1st!

Put the date in your diary and please share this with anyone you know! Get Moving, the new exercise class for people with ongoing, chronic conditions, will start on Friday March 1st. If you find it hard, difficult or maybe a bit scary to exercise or even start exercising because of your medical condition, why … Read more Get Moving on Friday March 1st!

Coming soon….Get Moving!

Coming soon! I already do exercise classes aimed at helping Stroke survivors. But I have noticed for a while now that other people, with other chronic medical conditions have been coming and been benefiting from the training. So, I am pairing up with Anna Sheryn of the Craven Dragons netball club to start classes open … Read more Coming soon….Get Moving!

Get Moving

What is Get Moving? A chance for people with ongoing, chronic conditions, to get fitter, stronger, move better and do things they thought they would never do again. The goal of Get Moving is to help people in the long term to: Get moving. Keep moving. Improve fitness, strength, balance, coordination. Improve confidence and independence. … Read more Get Moving