Recommended Reading: The Healthy Eating Plate.

Harvard School of Public Health - Healthy Eating Plate

Harvard School of Public Health – Healthy Eating Plate

The Harvard School of Public Health has just published their Healthy Eating Plate (click here). I am going to use this Healthy Eating Plate in conjunction with their Healthy Eating Pyramid (click here) and my 10 Simple Rules for healthy eating (click here) as the basis for helping people improve their diet. Click here to go to the Harvard website explaining everything, or read the following quote I shamelessly stole off them…

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The Healthy Eating Pyramid

I am a firm believer in keeping things simple whenever I can.

Not only does this mean that I can keep my life nice and easy, but I also find that simple things make the biggest differences in life.  Especially when it comes to food, drink and weight control.  So probably the simplest thing that any of us can do to improve our health and give our bodies the resources they need to perform at a high standard, is follow this healthy eating pyramid:

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