Specialist Training

“Specialist Personal Training for those with chronic medical conditions.” Just because a person has specific medical limitations, doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from expert coaching. I offer one to one specialist personal training to educate and assist people with a range of chronic medical conditions. I take pride helping people do things they thought couldn’t … Read more

Home exercise equipment for your hands

A number of the people I work with are elderly, or have disabilities/medical conditions. A common request from them all is a way to help improve or maintain use of their hands. So here is a video where I take you on a tour around my “hand bag”. Basically, my bag of home exercise equipment … Read more

Get Moving Classes after COVID

Hello everyone! Just want to give everyone an update on the “real life” Get Moving classes here in North Yorkshire. Gyms etc are allowed to open from Saturday July 25th, so the time for classes is getting near! We got some requirements to consider before we can start though, and as soon as we meet … Read more

Home exercise kit for Get Moving

Some people have asked me what exercise kit they should get so they can do more Get Moving exercises at home. Here are some of the things I would recommend. Because different kit has different names, and I’m sure I don’t always call them by their proper name, I’ll link to examples on Amazon so … Read more

Exercise with medical issues is hard, but worth it.

Through the Get Moving classes we run, I have some experience with exercising with medical conditions (in the classes, we have stroke survivors, people with MS, Parkinson’s and in rehab after injuries or surgery). When I was learning about coaching stroke survivors, I was told a fantastic story about what it is like when people … Read more

No Get Moving class in Ilkley Monday

Because of the tennis tournament at Ilkley tennis club next week, there will be no Get Moving class at Ilkley this Monday! Make sure you let everyone know. But don’t worry, you can join us on Friday morning at Steeton if you like. All details can be found by clicking here…

Get Moving, Get Walking!

Keep your diary free for the following dates: Sunday June 9th, 2pm, Aireville park. Sunday June 30th, 2pm, Ilkley riverside park. Because we are thinking of doing a Get Walking event on those dates. What is Get Walking? It’s really simple….it’s summer, so this is an excuse for us all to get out and about … Read more

My favourite core exercise

I train people with quite a wide range of abilities. On one end of the spectrum I train with some very fit, strong, athletic people. On the other end, I train with people with disabilities, chronic pain and degenerative conditions (see my Get Moving page for more details). But I still have a favourite core … Read more

The Get Moving workout DVD!

OK, so maybe it’s not quite a full blown Davina McCall style workout DVD, but I don’t think it’s far behind! If you can’t make it to one of the sessions, here is your chance to at least so the warm up with us. Play the video and warm up with the gang. I promise … Read more

No Keighley class this Wednesday

I’m afraid there will be no class this Wednesday at Keighley. I will be going to a funeral and won’t be able to make it to the session. I’m sorry about that, but don’t forget the other classes we run through the week. All details can be found by clicking here.