Cerin Rees

I have a natural love of being active and “playing” at life.  I like helping others find this love too.  Especially when I see the spark in their eyes when they realise “wow, I can do this!” As an independent Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, I work with individuals and groups of all abilities and … Read more

Personal Training

Face to face or virtual personal training – 1 hour per session. Full training session tailored to you, from warm up to cool down. Programmed around your needs, goals and limitations. Available for all levels of ability, including Get Moving clients. Full training notes recorded and emailed for your records. What is personal training? I help you: … Read more


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Frequently asked questions

Who/What is Rees Fitness? My name is Cerin Rees and I’m a qualified level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor. I have experience in coaching people of all ages (from 5 years old to those in their 70’s), all abilities and various medical conditions.  I also have it on good authority that I am “not a psycho”. … Read more

Make a booking

How to make a booking. So you want face to face/virtual training or a consultation/debrief? Well done! You made a good choice there. But if you have any questions before you decide for certain, don’t forget you can contact me here. To make your initial booking, just do the following: 1 Use the calendar below … Read more

Poll: Why do you train/exercise?

Why do you exercise?

Why do you exercise?

The gym I work at has been refurbished and now all the equipment is brand spanking new.  So, we have been spending the last week or so helping people get used to the new toys (showing them how they work, how they are different, what they can do etc).

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Why exercise is like shoes….(?)

Forgive me for the rambling nature of this post…it’s early and I’m still half asleep. I did a very quick and un-scientific survey in work over the weekend.

“Why do you actually do exercise?”

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Fundamental mistakes in the gym

Spent all day in work at the gym helping out people where i could, and noticed i was telling the same things to almost everybody. These are just a few of the fundamental mistakes made in the gym.  If you can correct these, you will be well on your way to a better workout!

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