Specialist Training

“Specialist Personal Training for those with chronic medical conditions.” Just because a person has specific medical limitations, doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from expert coaching. I offer one to one specialist personal training to educate and assist people with a range of chronic medical conditions. I take pride helping people do things they thought couldn’t … Read more

Coaching Groups

“Everything is easier when surrounded by the right people” I develop and run coaching groups to help people live healthier, happier lives. These coaching groups are full of awesome, like minded people all aiming to exercise more, eat better and make the most of their lives. If you feel like you want to be part … Read more

My coaching framework.

In some areas of my life, I can be really pretty slap dash! Ask my close friends and they will testify to that! But not everything I do is me just busking it. There is a reason why I coach people the way I do, why I ask them the things I do and why … Read more

What I mean when I say what I say.

It’s my job to try to get people to move in ways that may be totally alien to them.  Or to help them get their heads round some concept they are totally unfamiliar with.  Or to remind them of something quickly and easily at a moments notice. So here are a few of the coaching … Read more

The difference between theory and reality…and which one comes up trumps.

I assess peoples fitness and strength and advise on workouts and training routines for quite a few people.  I use a mixture of theory and experience to do this.  For example, if someone comes training with a certain injury, then theory and experience tells me that they should probably avoid certain moves while emphesise others … Read more

The difference between a sweat session and a “clinic”.

Some people have been surprised when watching me coach clients.  They have expected a hard, rip-roaring sweat session…pushing people to the max like some drill sergeant. And to be honest, sometime that is my job.  Sometimes I do need to push people out of their comfort zone in order to get them to their goals. But the main part of my job is not simply getting people to do more (a sweat session). It is getting people to do better (a technical session).

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From the General to the Specific – How to get good at absolutely anything.

So you want to get good at something?  It could be getting good at your sport, your diet, your job, your relationship or your school subject. But there are good and bad ways to go about this.  One of the best ways is to work from the general to the specific. This means you spend time getting the fundamental, foundation principles right before worrying about the minute details.  Get good at the general stuff first, then move on to the specifics.  For example:

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