Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Personal Weight Loss Coaching is a customised and unique approach to weight loss. Focusing on identifying and modifying the behaviours that keep you from reaching your goals, you’ll learn how to make sustainable changes to your eating habits, exercise routine, and overall lifestyle. “I’ve lost count how many times I’ve lost and regained the weight!“ … Read more

Rees Fitness Personal Training

Rees Fitness Personal Training Solving your exercise problems so your health, strength and fitness can thrive. Do you have problems with your health, strength, fitness or weight? Rees Fitness Personal Training is here to help you solve your problems and get your life on track. Personal Training in Skipton, North Yorkshire and online. Personal Training … Read more

Changing behaviours and developing habits

I’ve talked before (click here) about having to change your behaviours and actions to improve your health and fitness.  This is the first and most important step, and unfortunately is where a lot of people fall down. Luckily the boffins and head doctors have come up with a “map” detailing the 5 steps we go through to change our behaviours. And here they are…

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