The kind of trainer I want to be.

Forgive me, but this bit of writing is just me trying to put in words some things that have been flaffing about in my head for a while.  Feel free to ignore it… ************************************************* Over the last few months I have been learning about ways to help rehab people who have suffered from a stroke. … Read more

What makes a fit and capable body?

We should all strive to have a fit and capable body.  I don’t care if you are:

  • A young, up and coming athlete eager to perform at you maximum.
  • An average Joe office worker wanting to get a bit fitter and lose some weight.
  • Retired and wanting to maintain the quality of your life while you draw you pension.
Fit and capable body trapped inside.

Fit and capable body trapped inside.

A fit and capable body is hidden away inside all of us, and for health, performance and quality of life reasons, we all should try to help it get out. There are different components of a fit and capable body.  Here are my favorite ones:

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Proprioception – The word of the day.

I have spent quite a while developing my Exercise Workshop (being held in Skipton on July 4th, click here for details).  And one of the major goals of it is to coach people to simply “move” better, safer and more efficiently.  Because one thing I have noticed over the years, is how few people actually know what bits of their body are doing, and where those bits actually are!

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