Rees Fitness 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge

Merry Christmas!  I hope you are making it safely through the Rees Fitness Advent Challenge (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here).

This is just to give you a quick heads up as to what will happen once the Advent Challenge finishes on Christmas Eve.  Because I want you to have a great Christmas, but I also want you to be able to start the new year in great shape to be bloody awesome!

The 12 days of Christmas run from Christmas day to Jan 5th inclusive.  That just happens to take us from the depths of Christmas excess and through to the new year.  So many people struggle over this period, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge!  Nothing difficult, it’s aimed to help you keep doing something over the next few days, instead of just falling into a booze and food coma.  On the first day of Christmas, do 1 rep.  On the second day of Christmas, do 2 reps (can you see where we are going here?)

See below for the full challenge and click on the names for tutorial videos:

DateDo this…
Dec 25x1 Divebomber (if you have trouble with the full divebomber, try a Half Divebomber)
Dec 26x2 Reverse crunch
Dec 27x3 Jumping lunge (pairs)
Dec 28x4 Single leg squat thrusts (pairs)
Dec 29x5 Plank up
Dec 30x1 Divebomber, x2 reverse crunch, x3 jumping lunge (pairs), x4 single leg squat thrust (pairs), x5 plank ups, x6 jumping squats
Dec 31x7 Cannonball crunch
Jan 1x8 Squat thrust
Jan 2x9 Chinnies (pairs)
Jan 3x10 Walking lunge (steps)
Jan 4x11 Sit ups
Jan 5x1 Divebomber, x2 reverse crunch, x3 jumping lunge (pairs), x4 hill climbers (pairs), x5 plank ups, x6 jumping squats, x7 cannonball crunches, x8 squat thrusts, x9 chinnies (pairs), x10 walking lunges, x11 sit ups, x12 burpees

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