Advent challenge – Dec 1

I’m sure you know what an advent calendar is?  Open the little door and get a treat each day in the run up to Christmas?  Well, I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon and do an exercise advent challenge.  Each day, a different mini workout (only lasting a few minutes).  Check back each morning in the run up to Christmas for the next one.  Check this website or follow me on Facebook or Twitter

You don’t need any special equipment for these workouts.  Just your body, a bit of space and the strength of character to see them through.  And for anyone who thinks they are not strong/fit/good enough to do them….don’t you dare say that!  Don’t you dare put yourself down!  Many of the workouts have easier and harder versions.  And those that don’t, feel free to go at your own pace.

If they feel too hard, simply go slower.

If you are feeling competitive or brave, then go a bit faster!

“Go as hard as you can, but as easy as you need”

The important bit to remember…as long as you do it, you will improve!

The format of today is the Tabata Superset!  You have 2 alternating exercises (you swap between one and the other) and you do 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  You do this a total of 8 “rounds”.

Today’s exercises are Burpees and shadow boxing.  So today’s workout looks like this:

And that is it!  A total of 4 minutes, including the rests.  If you can’t find 4 minutes to put aside for yourself, then something has gone a bit awry with your life…

So give it a go and please, let us all know how you are getting on and encourage others.  Let us know what you think (good, bad or full of swear words) on the facebook page:

Share and enjoy…

As always, I’m useless at self promotion, so please do me a solid favour and share the hell out of this for me??  On your Twitters, your Facebooks and your Instagrams and stuff?  Cheers!  And come back tomorrow for the next one…..

Get Moving