Something special for you in December…

Some special stuff coming up for you…

It’s nearly December, so that means it’s nearly time for the Advent Challenge and the 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge…

Advent Challenge

Starting on December 1st, each day I will publish a mini workout for everyone.  It won’t be a big beasty of a workout, just a few minutes in length, aimed to help keep you moving over the next month of rampant excess!  This will run all the way up to Christmas Eve.

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12 Days Of Christmas Challenge

According to Wikipeidia, the 12 Days of Christmas run from Dec 25th – Jan 5th.  You know, those days where you have eaten and drunk waaaay too much and you slowly fall into a food coma.  Only to be rudely woken and reminded you have to go back to work.  So over these 12 days, I’ll share with you the 12 Days of Christmas workout.  Again, aimed to keep you going just enough so you don’t have too much of a shock in the new year.

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