Add more fruit and veg to every meal

“No one got fat from eating too much fruit and veg”

Why add more fruit and veg?

There are many benefits to eating a wide range of fruit and veg. Here are just a few:

  • Low calories
  • High fibre levels to make you feel fuller for longer
  • Range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Range of tastes.

Different coloured fruit and veg are high in different vitamins and minerals. So if we eat a wide range of colours, we get a wide range of the nutrients we need. In other words:

“Eat a rainbow of fruit and veg”

Rainbow of fruit and veg

Are you are eating a rainbow of fruit and veg each day?

Use the table below and tick off how many colours of fruit and veg you eat each day. The more the merrier!


Which are the Super Foods?

I am often asked “Which ones are the “Superfoods??”

It doesn’t matter!  Even the best “Superfood” won’t be as good as a wide range of normal fruit and veg. For a fantastic guide to what the different colours can do for you, click here.

Isn’t fruit full of sugar?

Fruit does contain sugar.  And it’s not “good” because it’s “natural sugar” or anything like that. But fruit is not just sugar…it is also very high in other things like:

  • Fibre
  • Vitamins/minerals
  • Fibre

This is why fruit juice is not nearly as good as the whole fruit. When you have fruit juice, you are only having the concentrated sugar water from the fruit, without all the important fibrous pulp. So limit the fruit juice you drink, but tuck into the whole fruit!

How to increase your fruit and veg

  • Frozen fruit/veg are just as good (sometimes better) than fresh fruit and veg.
  • Tinned fruit – choose fruit “in juice” as opposed to “in syrup”.
  • Smoothies/soups – chuck any fruit/veg/seeds etc in the blender/pot.

Before each meal, ask yourself the question:

“How can I add more fruit and veg to this meal?”

Your Fresh Start

Your Fresh Start

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