The First Step to live a healthier lifestyle

In the news this week (, we learned that obesity increases the severity of Covid symptoms. And there are fears that any future vaccine may be less effective in overweight people. This just adds to the reasons why many of us want to keep control of our weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

I have long wanted to be part of an answer to problems in the world, not just complain about them from the sidelines. So, this is aimed at everyone who has:

  • Struggled to lose weight
  • Struggled to exercise
  • Tried time and again to live healthier, but never managed to stick to it

I am starting a course aimed specifically at these people:

The First Step to live a healthier lifestyle

  • 3 week programme
  • Weekly online group sessions
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Get your head in the right place to do what you need to do
  • Discover what you really want to achieve
  • Discover what really motivates you
  • Discover what stops you and how to do it right this time
  • Fully coached to help you find out your way of doing it right

Favour to ask you…

So I’m going to ask you a big favour, please:

  • Share this with any groups who may benefit or want to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Find out more
  • Maybe even sign up for it at: