Get Moving Classes after COVID

Get Moving

Hello everyone! Just want to give everyone an update on the “real life” Get Moving classes here in North Yorkshire.

Gyms etc are allowed to open from Saturday July 25th, so the time for classes is getting near! We got some requirements to consider before we can start though, and as soon as we meet them, we are on! The main, important requirements include:

  • Venue – With gyms etc opening up, this is one should be fairly easy.
  • Restricted numbers – To keep social distancing possible, there will be restrictions on the number of people in the class. This depends on the size of the “footprint” of the venue. eg – Because of the square footage of the Craven studio, we are limited to x11 people, including participants, carers and instructors.
  • Restricted equipment – This will be a bigger issue. We should either:
    • Clean all shared equipment before/after each person uses it.
    • Only use your own equipment during class and not share it with anyone else.

Because of these restrictions, we can’t open up just yet, and my best guess is that some of our classes will open up earlier than others. For example, I’m guessing the Craven session may open up earlier than the Steeton one, because it has the financial and logistical backing of the council.

And if I’m honest, it’s because of this last requirement that I wondered if any of you would prefer to get some basic kit for yourself (see my last post here). If you are in a vulnerable population, you may prefer to have more control over the sweaty equipment you interact with…

So that is where we are at the moment. The real life classes will start again soon, but we need to meet these main requirements. In the meantime, we will continue with the Get Moving Online sessions for as long as we can! See you at 11am!