Exercise while seeing the doctor


This situation has come up a few times over the last few weeks, so I’ve decided to write this to help guide people when it inevitably comes up again.

I have never met a doctor or physio who has recommended their patient stop exercising, even if their patient is ill, injured or falling apart. Instead, they always recommend they adapt their exercise in some way. This is usually some variation of:

  • Changing frequency
  • Changing intensity
  • Changing duration
  • Changing type of exercise
  • Changing goal/focus

And I am very proud that as a coach, I am really quite good at working collaboratively with these health professionals to help their patients/my clients to maximise their health, strength and fitness. And one of the simplest, but most effective ways I have been able to do this is to encourage the filling of the following form.

If you are needing to go to the doctors or see a physio about an illness/injury, make sure you print out the following form and ask them to fill it in (clearly) for you. By getting a clear answer to the basic questions included, you will be amazed at how more effective I can be at keeping people active and strong enough while they recover.

So please feel free to download and print your own copy and take it in next time you are under the doctor. I promise, it will be well worth it!

Click here to download the pdf.