Get Moving Live – 8/4/20. Don’t be shy, just play!

Get Moving LIVE

While the whole world is in lockdown, we are going to live stream some Get Moving warmups and tutorials. You can find them here!

Today I bang on about why we shouldn’t be shy, but should just go ahead and play!

2 thoughts on “Get Moving Live – 8/4/20. Don’t be shy, just play!”

  1. Hi
    Clare here.
    Not quite with you at eleven.
    Followed your Friday warm-up today at 11.30 (8/4/20)
    ‘2nd time is always better’.
    Feeling warmer – great – and looser.
    Thank you,

    • Hello Clare!
      So glad you are feeling and moving a bit better…this is the idea, keep things going, little and often and we get the best out of life 🙂

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