How to keep exercising during self isolation

As it looks more likely that we will need to self isolate at some point over the coming weeks/months, the question of how to keep active, healthy, fit and strong arises. There is a chance we won’t be able to meet up with friends/training partners, or go to the gym or exercise class (even if it is still running, which is another question).

And with the possiblility of not even going out to work and just vegging at home in front of the TV, we need to come up with a Plan B for our exercise and waistline.

So with this in mind, here are some options for you…

Eat, Move, Be Happy is the online solution we started back in January (lucky we did that!) It is our new website and contains:

  • Home workout videos. Choose which video (warmup, cardio, HIT, strength, circuits, cool down, stretches etc) you want to do, press play and away you go!
  • Healthy eating course. Use this down time to overhaul your eating habits for the better. Follow the online course, change a habit each week, and get feedback and support as you go.
  • Mental Health learning. We live in a stressful world and it may become harder to cope. But we can all do something to help us improve it. Find out about it here.
  • Education. We have articles, presentations, videos etc to help you learn and understand all aspects of health, fitness, strength and exercise in general (they could even help pass the time when you’ve watched all the Netflix boxsets).
  • Peer Support. Our Facebook group is full of like minded people, in the same boat, dealing with the same things and looking out for each other. Join, ask and give advice, support and encouragement. We are in this together and will get through it together.

Online Personal Training

This is just like my regular, face to face personal training. But using the wonders of email, Skype and other video conferencing, I can set your workouts, keep an eye on you, answer any questions and still kick your butt!

And most importantly of all, you can actually trust me… I lose count of how many times people approach me, show me some exercise thingy they have seen on the interweb and ask “is this for real??”

The internet is a wonderful place full of so many fitness experts in tight lycra who want to tell you what to do. I can’t compete with the lycra (you do not want to see me in lycra!) but you can believe I have your best interests at heart. Why not give me a try?

Click here for more details about my Online Personal Training.